Monday, September 30, 2013

Hi maybe?

I left blogging for long, And wow that It feels good to finally visit my page after so long. I have been busy making a life out of blogmosphere, and picture explains how I've been busy roaming around and capturing memories to our dear beautiful round earth. I miss the blog memes, laughing and even crying my thought hell out a here. My goodness! I can't believe I didn't bother to update this for long. This blog have definitely missed my wonderful adventure! To the crazy people who have left comments, Thank you! I appreciate the stat increase although my blog was actually dead for 8 months. 

I went over my last blog post. Now, I can recall how everything was crazy back then. To share you the random whys? I supposed to go to Korea to study for a year, yet I was destined to the Middle Earth. I independently live in Wellington, New Zealand for 6 months, there I have successfully accomplish my Internship, have met awesome people, travel around, was well-acquainted with the kiwi and mauri culture and even the way of living in welly. For 6 months, I have learn, whine, drink and dance my worries away, fulfill my happy feet's joy and have dreamed-like visit to Hobbiton. I have ate fish and chips more than you can imagine and I was too awesome to sip the best coffee of my life.

What is more. I went back in Manila so excited and happy! All of the matters I have left, have luckily stayed how I've left it. I am so blessed, I'm praising God! Yes I am.

Went to Bohol and Cebu for my desire of visiting the Baclayon church and Sto. Nino in Cebu, I've been so lucky again to fulfill my desire before it collapse. However, those places will forever remain amazing not only because of the structure, and history but of course it will remain wonderful because of the incomparable hospitality of visayans. Through their strong faith, I believe God will always be there to lighten their hopes and hear our prayers. 

Oh my dear blog, you missed another wanderer's story yet again. My boyfriend, bring me to Bicol and it was extremely a wonderful adventure from my first hop on CWC Wake boarding, first drive on ATV to Mayon Volcano, a heart-pounding zipline ride and good taste of bicolano's food. Oh these good! I couldn't ask for more. This is more than my desire of getting a bouquet of flower seriously. My boyfriend unfortunately can't afford a flowers but he sure knows how to make me happy :)

Wishing everyone a lovely day! 

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